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INAFI Bangladesh not only contributes to the sector through bringing innovations in projects that it implements by building consortium with its member organizations (MOs) but also through other member services, capacity building, technical assistances, knowledge generation and building alliances for advocacy & networking. INAFI Bangladesh promotes “Inclusive Development” with provision of services providing financial inclusion, social inclusion and climate change and environmental sustainability ensuring improved livelihood.


  • Financial Inclusion:

INAFI works in the areas of microfinance, micro-insurance and migration & remittance as well. The core activities under financial inclusion includes product development, bringing innovation to products, piloting innovations and deepening outreach by both horizontally and vertically accessing financial services for all cliental groups, particularly low-income households, graduated microfinance borrowers and missing middle through ME and SMEs. INAFI believes promotion of technology and diversified financial products is essential for financial inclusion.

  • Social Inclusion:

INAFI Bangladesh believes financial inclusion alone cannot make significant development without social inclusion. Social inclusion is the hub to development methodologies which can switch the vulnerable people from an unhappy to a happy living. INAFI Bangladesh from its inception has been promoting social inclusion through diversified initiatives like mainstreaming gender, empowerment of the poor, access to essential health services and awareness building on HIV-Aids.

  • Climate Change and the Environmental Sustainability:

Climate change adaptation is being talked about globally as a priority issue for a long time. Now it is getting more significance from the stakeholders all around the world with the rapid increase in global warming.


It is one of the key areas of INAFI which includes capacity building, knowledge based research through continuous research and development (R&D) initiatives, product development, piloting of innovative programmes, advocacy and networking for creating enabling environment for the pro-poor development.


INAFI follows a framework and strategy with a view to creating enabling environment and building capacity of the Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and development NGOs by facilitating packages of services related with capacity building, knowledge generation, research, advocacy to create awareness and influence development policies, providing member services, promoting best practices, facilitating in product development and helping MOs in developing institutions. INAFI’s focus and contributing areas are as follows:

  • Promote innovations and knowledge management through research: INAFI Bangladesh has been engaged in diversified research to identify gaps in this sector and to bring innovations for the sector as well. INAFI Bangladesh has developed its expertise and skills in carrying out surveys, feasibility studies, exploratory studies, an evaluation and review. It also involves researches relating to training need assessment, market study, mapping studies and situational analysis on microfinance, micro-insurance, climate change, renewable energy, migration & remittance, gender and human resource.
  • Advocacy and networking for awareness building: As a part of advocacy and networking INAFI Bangladesh strives to investigate different critical issues, policies and rules & regulations of regulatory bodies that are hindering the natural growth of the microfinance and development sector in the country and disseminates significant knowledge and information through organising workshops, seminars and round-table discussions. INAFI Bangladesh works through building alliances with the national networks like, CDF, FNB, and other civil society networks. Apart from this, INAFI also works closely with other stakeholders which include Micro Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA), Insurance Development & Regulatory Authority (IDRA), Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF), Institute of Microfinance (InM), Icddr,b, James P. Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University etc. INAFI Bangladesh thinks that government agencies, central banks, multilateral agencies, regional development banks, commercial banks, and private institutions need to be motivated to ensure broad-based sector development.

Internationally, INAFI Bangladesh is also a member of “MADE” an international networking organization and Migration Forum Asia (MFA). INAFI has been engaged in advocacy for ensuring safe migration, protecting human rights of migrants and promoting remittance as development tool.  

  • Capacity building and institutional development: Capacity building is another essential wing of INAFI Bangladesh. INAFI Bangladesh contributes to capacity building of the NGOs/MFIs through tailor-made training and product development such as gender awareness training, enterprise development training, accounting and bookkeeping training, BDS training, insurance education, business planning for MFIs, credit and risk management for MFIs, microfinance product development etc. INAFI Bangladesh has developed various training modules for conducting the trainings.

INAFI Bangladesh is committed to work closely with its Member Organizations. It organises programme and demand based various skill development and awareness building trainings as well as capacity development trainings for the staffs and beneficiaries of member organizations and INAFI itself.