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INAFI Bangladesh Relief Work for Cyclone SIDR Affected People


Most recently tropical cyclone SIDR swept across the low-lying watery edges of southern Bangladesh. The aftermath of the storm is beyond description. The death toll which was initially reported at 1500 has climbed up to 3250 (27 November, The Daily Star). The unofficial number is much higher and expected to rise as people are still reported missing. The south-western region of the country now lies in ruins with 773,000 houses destroyed according to the Ministry of Disaster Management of the Government of Bangladesh.


Those who survived were left in greater distress -- with no shelter, no food, or access to drinking water. The storm ruined crops on nearly 77,450 acres of land, just before the harvesting season. Thousands of livestock and poultry have been destroyed. Agriculture being the main source of income in these areas, these people have lost their key to survival












Due to massive force of the storm most areas could not be approached immediately. Relief work began as soon as the area became accessible. The government responded by taking required measures to raise fund and distribute them among the victims of this tragedy. Many non-government and private organisations came forward to assist with the relief work. Along with these organisations INAFI Bangladesh took initiative to help out the people in


INAFI Bangladesh began the relief operation with its own fund. As part of the relief programme, a package of selected items are being distributed among the affected people. The package includes rice, pulse, salt, soybean oil, potato, match, and oral saline. The relief work is being carried out in Barisal division by Barisal NGO Co-Ordination (BNC), a local network of 30 small NGOs and one of the strategic partners of INAFI Bangladesh.



The relief programme went underway on 22nd November and is still in operation. Through this relief work INAFI Bangladesh aims to provide the affected people with basic food items that they could survive on for at least a week.

The people of the affected region are now left with nothing but the hope of being rescued from this devastating situation. The government, NGOs, private sector and many international donor agencies have come forward to help the victims with much-needed relief work. However, the available funds are not enough to carry on the rehabilitation for all of the 2.7 million affected people. If you are in a position to provide us with additional relief fund please contact INAFI Bangladesh at the following address:



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