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In view of the collective review and the common frame of understanding to carry forward the mission of INAFI, we the members of INAFI Asia affirm this statement on this day of January 18, 2002, to be known as the “Bangkok Declaration”
Strategic Goals
  1. Social Development: INAFI recognizes Social Development agenda as the central theme to its objectives. As such, INAFI should advance this agenda through microfinance initiatives with fused action and allocation of resources.
  2. Business Development Services: INAFI upholds the importance of improving the viability of the microfinance programme participants through making available appropriate financial products and context specific business development services.
  3. Self Regulation: INAFI will put this core principle into operation by institutionalizing high standards for good governance, sound and transparent financial performance and effective social development.
  4. Institutional Rating. INAFI will place strong emphasis to build the capacity of microfinance and development institutions by developing appropriate rating instruments for both financial and social rating to support continuous improvement of management and governance, promote disclosure and ensure impact measurement.
  5. INAFI policy framework: INAFI shall embrace interventions for social security, conduct action-based research for product and methodological innovation and product diversification, and disseminate such findings to promote sustainable poverty alleviation.
  6. Policy advocacy: INAFI will take up concerted efforts towards advocacy to influence policies that will create an enabling environment for microfinance; establish strong linkages with government, public and private sector financial institutions, donor agencies and other stakeholders who play an essential role in development, with the aim of achieving quality outreach, and promoting sustainable access to resources, for the poor and the institutions that serve them.
Strategic Directions:
These strategic goals will be put into operation through an action agenda comprising of; An annual action plan integrating the work of INAFI International, Regional and National level networks and each member organization.
  • Formation of specific Working Groups for each Strategic Goal/ Purpose
  • Individual institutional strategies for development, MIS, local resource mobilization and initiatives to effectively combine microfinance with Business Development Services.
  • Involving capable local institutions in institutional rating of MFI performance – financial and social.
  • Providing opportunities to members for training and guided exposure visits through national networks.