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In 1995, twenty-five microfinance practitioners from three continents, viz., Asia, Africa, and Latin America established the International Network of Alternative Financial Institutions (INAFI) in Peru. INAFI, now a network of 300 NGOs/MFIs operating in 47 countries in three continents, continues to have twofold commitment to development as it had, though it is now headquartered in The Hague, and registered under Dutch law: every INAFI member is highly dedicated to the eradication of the root causes of poverty, and secondly, INAFI members are committed to implementing individual programs. INAFI members are as distinct from each other as the countries they work in. They differ in context, outreach, service delivery mechanisms, and structure. Some only provide microfinance services; others have added technical assistance and training programs, while others still manage integrated social development programs. Some provide direct financial intermediation while others assume promotional roles and support self-help groups, and are putting them in contact with banks or other lending organizations.


INAFI has a Global Assembly that meets once in every two years to review the implemented activities and to plan the strategy for the future. INAFIís International Secretariat headquartered in Dakar, Senegal implements the international program and facilitates the activities of the continental activities through three regional secretariats: Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Each region is a semi-autonomous body, and has its own Executive Council, and Executive Director. The Regional Secretariats manage the day-to-day operations in the countries of their region and facilitate the co-ordination among them as well as with the International Secretariat. Each region also has a Regional Assembly that meets once in every two years to evaluate activities and to discuss that region's strategies. INAFI Asia is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. INAFI Asia however is downscaled by four national chapters: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Philippines whose total members, at present are 80.


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